• How do I confirm my reservation?
  • Where do I find you at the airport?
  • What type of vehicle will I be getting?
  • How long do I have to wait at the airport for my vehicle?
  • Will I have to share my vehicle?
  • Will we stop anywhere else?
  • Can I stop for grocery shopping on the way?
  • Does the driver speak English?

In order to secure your reservations, please you must send us the following information:
• Full name of the party leader
• Confirmed number of passengers
• Arrival date and ETA
• Airline, flight number and origin (last connection in case)
• Record locator (Airline Confirmation Code)
• Name of the hotel you will be staying at
• Departure date and ETD
• Selected pick up time

After you clear customs, just go outside the building thru the sliding glass doors and pass the crosswalk you will find our staff holding a banner with your name on it.

Vehicles are vans and suburban.

Your vehicle will be available waiting for you.

Our transfer services are private. Just your party.

You will go directly to your hotel.

Yes, we can do it

Yes,they do

Cancun Airport Terminal 2

Cancun Airport Terminal 3

Step 1 Exit airplane and enter airport terminal. It is important to have your paperwork [Tourist Card form & Customs Declaration form] completed before you exit the airplane.

Step 2 IMMIGRATION At immigration you present your Tourist Card form and show your identification.

Families or couples traveling together may approach the immigration desk together.

Step 3 GETTING YOUR LUGGAGE After immigration you proceed to the luggage carrousel [Baggage Claim] and collect your luggage.

If any of your luggage is missing there will be a representative from the airline you are flying with at the airport. To find your rep, approach any of the security guards walking around or go over to the Immigration Office and ask where you find your rep. If your missing bag(s) is not at the airport the airline will attempt to find it then it will be delivered to your hotel. There is no cost for this.

NOTE: We have found that missing bags can occur on connecting routes where your connecting flight leaves before your luggage can be taken off airplane one and moved to airplane two.

Step 4 CUSTOMS While waiting for your luggage on the luggage carrousel you will notice Customs. As soon as you have all your possessions you walk over and stand in one of the lines waiting to go through. In the Cancun Airport when you approach Customs you are asked to press a button that will turn a light green or red. If the light is green you walk through, if it turns red they will inspect your luggage.

Step 5 LEAVING THE AIRPORT After you pass through Customs there is only one way to go to exit the building. After you exit you are in the pick-up zone. This is where the various charter bus services and Airport Transfer companies are waiting.

Step 6 FINDING YOUR RIDE After you exit the airport you will se our staff holding a banner with your name on it, they will assist you. If you have a reserved airport transfer or are flying with a charter package [air+transfer+hotel] somebody will be looking for you. You will not be left at the airport. The transfer will not leave without you.